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Gochers Laundry
Gochers Laundry
Alma Street
Gochers Laundry
Gochers Laundry
Alma Street
 Typower Ltd lancing
Typower Ltd
Churchill Industrial Estate
circa 1964

loading a generator typower lancing
Loading a generator set.
Bob Young - Foreman
Typower Ltd, Lancing , Sussex,1964-1970

Phil Tyrer - managing director
Tony Crosskey - director
Norman Yates - director
Tony Dix - sales director
Doug Lewellyn- Chief  Engineer
Ted King - Chief Draughtsman
John Drewett - Draughtsman
Ernie Hall - Draughtsman
Dave Rendall-  Sales
Bryan Rose - Sales
Paul Francis- Chief Electrical
Bob Young- Workshop Foreman
Ken Simons- Electrical
Ken Holden-  Workshops
Bob Woodward- Welding
Cyril Matten- Sheetmetal
Stan Dumbrell--Electrical
Jack Fossberry- Electrical
Charley Buss- Workshops
Stan Turps- Installation
Geoff Beech- Sheetmetal
Jock Macdonald- Electrical
Alfie Doo- Welder
Peter Brown- Sheetmetal/Welder
Cliff Bloom- Workshops
Ron Boot- Sales
Jack King- Sales Assistant

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