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This area is for the people who wish to share past memories of Lancing
The file is still open and I would welcome any new contributions

Story 14
added 14.7.07
Adrian recalls fond memories of Crabtree Lane

Story 13
added 3.05.07
Brenda Redford recalls visits to her Grandmother

Story 12
added 3.04.07
Karen Foster remembers her childhood in the 1960's

Story 11
added 20.11.2005
Paul Kidger replies to the question from Paul Bridle

Story 10
added 27.10.2005
Paul Bridle remembers Lancing in the 1950's

Story 9
added 11 May 2005
Paul Kelly worked for A.J Eakins in the late 1950's
Story 8
-added 14 February 2005
Marjorie Lisher recalling her memories of Market gardening
Story 7
-added 12 February 2003
Valerie Brown lived in Pratton Avenue during the 2nd World War.
Story 6
-added 5th February 2003
Joan Hamilton recalls Lancing 'Clump'
Story 5
-added 24th January 2003
Paul Kelly remembers  the Sussex Potter as the 'Corner House'
Story 4
-added 5th January 2003
Diane Sisman recalls Lancing in the 1930's and 40's
Story 3
-added 22nd October 2002
John Drewett worked for Typower ltd as a Draughtsman
Story 2
-added 3rd October 2002
Paul Kidger
My family moved to Ring Rd in Lancing in 1953 when Ring Road was still being  developed.
Story 1
Geoff Walden lived in Lancing in the 1960's, he emigrated with his parents to New Zealand in 1967

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