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Story 4
Diane Sisman recalls Lancing in the 1930's and 40's

"I am an old resident of Lancing. My parents had a bungalow at 16 Chester Avenue..Is it still there?* At that time, 1938, they paid 700 pounds for it......... The end of the road there was a tall stone wall where there were the cows for the little dairy in the main road. There was a path at the side of the last house which was known as the -right-of -way which was used by anyone going shopping. There was a bakers shop called Leroys with mouth watering pastries, a grocer called Potter Bailey with sawdust on the floor and huge wheels of cheese. They had a little container that the money was put into and then sent by pneumatic methods to the other regions to be counted and change and receipts to be returned to the customer. There were two old chairs so that even older customers could sit down. My sister and I would go to the dairy and watch the milk run down rollers to be chilled and which I can still smell. I can also still smell the wonderful aromas of Potter Bailey. There is so much more I remember . I am now 70. Is there anyone out there who still remembers, too. Happy New Year.........Diane."

Further memories of Diane Sisman:
"On the beach itself were some bungalows. One was called No NoNanette and was owned by , I think, the writer of the show. There was also one that belonged to jockey Gordon Richards whom we knew very well."

Note: Chester Avenue has since been extensively developed and '16' is now a number nearer 100 according to Diane's sister who visited recently.

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