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North Farm Road Lancing
1930's Housing in North Farm Road
Crabtree Service Station Lancing
Crabtree Service Station

Closed and up for sale

Crabtree Service Station
Crabtree Service Station
Having had a facelift is now back in business
A Website is under construction
Regent House Horseshoe Corner Lancing
Regent House
Horseshoe Corner
South Street
Regent House  built c.1939 on site of  'The Chestnuts' rest home.
Bungalow with original features
Bungalow in Chester Avenue

The last bungalow in Chester Avenue with original door and windows, all the others have been modernised.
Chesham House South street Lancing
Chesham House
South Street

Built on site of Bushby's Homestead
- see 'Lancing - A Pictorial History', George W. Shaw

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