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Station building
in Connex colours
Railway came to Lancing in 1845

Station details from Southern

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Platform of station
The platform and lines viewed westwards from the footbridge.
west platform
West bound platform
The footbridge
Footbridge over the rails
Rail Crossing 2002
Barriers closing
December 2002
railcrossing 60's Rail crossing 1963
image courtesy Mr B. Langrish.
Barriers are opening
railway crossing 1960's
Railway crossing 1960's
View from the railway footbridge
The Boots shop in North Road was built c.1924.
In a picture of 1929 as seen in Phil Fry's second book it was used by a jeweller; C.E.J Burton, a hairdresser; J.A Tonkyn and A Pearn; a chemist. In 1940 it was in use by J.N. Last, also a  chemist.
In 1929 the small single storey unit was owned by W.J Tarr , a local builder.
In this picture it is owned by Mitchell's Florist, the family still live in Lancing
The blue bedford van is thought to be from 'Winifred Brown' the florist in Crabtree Lane

"the chap on his bike at the crossing was an Italian who worked at Typower as a labourer" -JD
image courtesy of  John Drewett
level crossing
Railway crossing

Not much change, more road lines!.
train aproaching
Train leaving station
railtracks view east
View east towards Shoreham from Grinstead Lane roadbridge

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