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Old Cottage Watercolour - courtesy George Wallner
The Old Cottage
Mill Road
A watercolour painting by unknown  artist
dated "At Lancing Sussex, Sept 21st 1868".
Image kindly supplied by
George Wallner from Beckenham, Kent
The Old Cottage The Old Cottage
Mill Road
-image courtesy of Mr Terry Ritchie
I am keen to learn the original purpose of this little building in Cokeham.
If anyone knows...

red brick cottages
Red Brick Cottages
Grinstead Lane

Built before 1900
Alma Street
Bijou Cottage
adjacent to Goachers Laundry
Bijou cottage
Same Cottage

Date possibly early 1900's
Kings Road Cottage
Cottage in Kings Road

Penfold Alms homes
Homes for the Poor of Lancing.

Plaque in wall of homes for poor in memory of the Penfold Family.
"To benefit the poor, and in the memory of The Penfold Family who occupied farms in Lancing from the year 1790 and are buried at Goring in the county of Sussex
These cottages are erected by the last survivors Jane and Clara Penfold of Cokeham in the Parish of Sompting 1882"

 Manor Road cottage
Fircroft Lodge
66 Manor Road
This painted cottage is the former stable building of 'Fircroft',  now demolished.
Previously called Miller House, it was once owned by the Sewell family of 'Black Beauty' fame.

from notes supplied by Martin Swain

Freshbrook Road
Freshbrook Road

Hoe Court
Hoe Court Cottages

The Manor of Hoe Court (How)
0500 Date of cemetary found at Hoe court indicates settlement existed there
1592 Hoe court has at least 4 houses
1608 Survey carried out of the manor of How (Hoe-court)
1736/7 James Lloyd acquired the lease of How Court Manor
1758 James Lloyd purchased the manor of Howcourt

Box Cottage
Box Cottage
East Street

Flint building
Flint Building in Manor Park
Used by Lancing Parish council.

'It was all part of 'Shadwells'. The owner being Thomas Shadwell. It was also at one time, owned by Carr-Lloyd, his head gardener living in one of the cottages.

The  house  'Shadwells' stood at the eastern end of The Street just past the existing buildings.
The house at one time was three cottages.
I believe the house to of been pulled down c1962/63.
It shows the last occupant of the house to be a Mrs. Kennington.
The buildings left are stables and other outbuildings'
. - Phil Fry

Lancing Park
Lancing Park
Former holiday apartments
More about Lancing Park
Cokeham Thatched Cottage
Cokeham Old Cottage

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